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Jinete joven

Child Session

It is very important to teach the children the value of each horse, which is why they are given a tour of the stable first. When we get to the stable we teach them how to get them out of the stable take them for a ride, how to put the saddle and get on it, at the end they are given a ride with the horse and an instructor is all the time verifying that these procedures are being done well, all classes last one hour.


Noble Creatures

Horses are noble, intelligent and sensitive animals, which is probably why they have accompanied humans throughout history.

Lecciones de equitación

Horses love company

Horses do not like to be alone, if they spend a long time without any company it is possible that the horse develops mental or behavioral problems, so to avoid this it is best that they are always in company and thus they will not suffer any type of disorder .



Horses are very sensitive to odors and thanks to this they can use this sense in many situations. For example to search for water, since they have the ability to smell water even when underground. Something very useful for horses that live in the desert, especially considering the daily amount of water they need.

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