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Welcome to Apple Creek Farms

A Safe Haven for your horses


Welcome to Apple Creek Farms Equestrian Center, in Castro Valley California.

With new ownership under Abelino Espinoza, we intend to improve what the previous owner had built and developed while updating and expanding the facility. This 80-stall indoor barn has everything an owner will need for their beloved horse.  The horses are going to be looked after like babies. It is our intention to bring the best experience to all clients and to make this a unique Equestrian Center for all horses. It is the intention to update and improve this facility under the ownership of Abelino Espinoza’s and we look forward to continuing to build and maintain the relationships we have developed over the years. New ownership, better and improved beautiful facilities.

Box Stall with daily Cleaning -includes 2 daily feedings (grass or alfalfa as selected by owner)

Box Stall and Paddock (double the size) with daily Cleaning - includes 2 daily feedings (grass or alfalfa as selected by owner)

  • Horse Trailer parking    

  • Pasture boarding           

  • Horse Mare Motel

  • Blanketing

  • Turn-outs

  • Extra shaving                                                

  • Private Lessons for Adults

  • Extra meals

  • Kids Lessons Age 5 and older                      

  • Graining (grains provided by clients)  Jumping Training Classes

  • On-call Veterinary  

  • Western Riding Classes                                

  • Outdoor Pastures Options

  • Private Pastures with Shelters               


Around the Farm

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